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Monster Mountain Cup Regulations

1.1 – Announcement 

AMC Promotions (Aberschyan Motorsport Club) will promote and host the 2024 Monster Mountain Cup. 

1.2 – Jurisdiction  

The meeting will be held under the current National Sporting Code of the ACU, the Standing Regulations for Motocross, these Championship Conditions and any further Supplementary Regulations or Instructions issued, or official announcements made. The level of insurance provided is through an ACU Basic Permit. 

1.3 – Rider Eligibility  

Open to riders who hold a ACU Motocross licence or rider who do not hold a ACU licence can purchase a day licence for £20.00. Any foreign riders must hold a valid start permission from their federation. 

1.4 – Classes 

The following classes will run at the event: Pro & Expert, Clubman, Novice & Ladies, Mixed 85cc and EBB. Riders and machines must be within the set criteria in the 2024 ACU Motocross Standing Regulations. 

1.5 – Date of Event 

The event will take place on Wednesday 3rd July 2024. Full timetable to be published on  

1.6 – Entries 

Entries will only be taken online on – all riders must have a transponder for the event. There will be a limited number available to hire when entering. Entries will not be confirmed unless all information is supplied and full payment is received. 

1.7 – Entry Secretary  

AMC Promotions –  

1.7 – Refunds 

Refunds will only be accepted if a medical note from a doctor is submitted to by 5pm on Monday 24th June 2024. Any requests after this deadline will not be accepted. 

2.0 – Technical Control – Riders are allowed two machines which must be presented at Technical Control under their respective race number. Riders must bring the bike, helmet and body armour for technical control. 

2.1 – Transponders – Riders must have a transponder on their machine for all sessions. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure the transponder is on the bike for the session and fully charged. There will be no manually scoring at the event. 

The timing team can provide a hired transponder for a fee of £20.00 and must leave a security deposit with the team. Any transponder not returned at the end of the event is subject to a £250.00 replacement charge. 

3.1 – Prize Money 

Prize Money will be awarded as per the published prize money schedule on